breakfast with Bob-e and her friend June

breakfast with Bob-e and her friend June

We had a delicious (and enormous) breakfast and discussed life priorities.

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sunset on the tarmac

sunset on the tarmac

A victorious sunset on the tarmac after a 6 hour wait at Chicago airport!
Bad weather in Washington DC has caused repeated delays of flights all across the country. I was due to fly out at 2.30!
Eventually they found a spare plane in a hangar and towed it to the gate for us. This towing caused the computer to scramble so we had to sit on the tarmac for 15 minutes while we turned everything off and then turned it all back on again! So confidence inspiring!

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Train trip down the coast to Portland Oregon

Train trip down the coast to Portland Oregon

The train trip down the coast had spectacular views across the water to several islands.
Veeery picturesque.

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Detour to Bellingham

IMG_5045I took a strange detour to Bellingham to see Greg Proops record one of his podcasts.
It is called “The smartest Man in the World.”
He is a comedian best know for his work on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”… a funny, funny man who is also left leaning and intelligent.
In his podcast he talks about current affairs and politics and gived a feminist, left interpretation.
I gave him a gift… a packet of TimTams I had brought from Australia. He has eaten them in Australia before. He read my card out on stage!!!

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Roadside fencing tree stump

Roadside fencing tree stump

The protective rails on the side of the road were held in place by these tree stumps.
They are now very weathered.
You can clearly see the rings of growth in the tree.

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Jack Kerouac’s Summer Look Out

Jack Kerouac's Summer Look Out

Jack Kerouac spent several summers up here in the 50’s as a fire lookout.
He said the isolation was helpful and important to his writing.

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Our trip back home from the camp took us through the North Cascades.

Our trip back home from the camp took us through the North Cascades.

The road had only been open a few weeks. There was snow everywhere.
The air was cool but the sun was deliciously warm.
We walked up to a lokout to see some spectacular views.

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Camping in the mountains

Camping in the mountains

I just spendt a week camping in the mountais.
Every day looked like this.
We were so very lucky with the weather.
There were bears roaming round this area… and rattlesnakes!

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Dad’s extensive sheds

Dad's extensive sheds

Dad’s extensive sheds are home to many creatures. Two of the more glamorous ones are this pair of Tawny Frogmouth Owls. They are sleepy and regal all at the same time.

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Dad’s Hydroponic Tomatoes

Dad's Hydroponic Tomatoes

These tomatoes have been in for just on two months. (Dad and some of my nieces in the foreground) There is plenty of fruit on the plants.

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